Placenta remedies




  • Steamed capsules: this method of encapsulation is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques, where the placenta is steamed in water with lemon, ginger and chilli prior to dehydration. Steamed capsules are beneficial to reduce the chance for post-natal depression as they have been reported to have a calming effect.

  • Simple/ Raw capsules: the placenta is dehydrated for 1 hour at a high temperature to kill bacteria and yeast, then reduced to a lower temperature for the remaining 12-14 hours. These capsules are beneficial for mothers who wish to increase their energy levels as they yield a stronger energetic response.

  • 50/50: half of the placenta will be encapsulated using the steamed method and the other half using the simple method.


       Other remedies


  • Smoothies: the raw placenta smoothie contains berries, bananas and water with a 3-inch round piece of fresh raw placenta. This is the only way of consuming the placenta that will allow the stem cells and growth factors to remain intact and is a quick and very effective method for healing and restoration after birth. The smoothie will be prepared in your hospital room or kitchen and should be consume within 24 hours of the birth for best effects.

  • Homeopathic remedy: the homeopathic placenta remedies are made with one small piece of placenta into 2 homeopathic remedies (one for the child and one for the mother). They have the ability to bring balance and heal from within in times of illness, emotional challenge or difficult life transition as they contain the child’s blue print of their energetic make-up.

  • Placenta essence: the placenta essence is made using a thumb sized piece of placenta. It holds a great power to heal the mother and is known for supporting the immune system. It can work as a substitute remedy when capsules cannot be taken due to ill health.

  • Placenta tincture: the placenta tincture is made from a piece of raw placenta and is used for emotional instability and can be very beneficial for treating PMS and menopause symptoms. This remedy will be delivered 6 weeks after the birth.

  • Placenta oil: placenta oil can be added to balms and salves. It is very useful for healing scars, reducing blemishes, improving tone and colour and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. It is also very effective for treating nappy rash and other dry and irritated skin conditions.


Birth preparation


Birth preparation is done over a 2 hours session via Zoom. You can choose to have as many sessions as you want and you can choose which topic you would like to cover so you can feel better prepared and more empowered for your birth experience. You will be provided with a wide range of resources on your chosen topics.

Antenatal Course

The antenatal course comprises of 5 sessions of 2 hours on Zoom for the pregnant woman and their birth partner. The sessions cover birth hormones, birth environment, the beginning of labour, the stages of labour, informed decision making, interventions (induction and caesarean birth), pain relief, post-partum recovery, nappy changing, bathing a baby, baby’s sleep, soothing a crying baby, perinatal mental health, the changes in the couple’s relationships and parenting styles. Each session will include some physical skills activity such as positions and massage, relaxation and mindfulness. This course is made to help you build the knowledge to prepare you and your partner for a positive birth experience and for the early post-partum experience, and to empower you to make the decisions that are right for you and your family.

During the duration of the course, I will stay available by email or phone for any question you may have or support you may need. I will also provide you with some extensive reading and resources on the topics covered and I will be in touch by means of telephone after the birth of your baby to ensure that you are well and equipped to start your parenting journey.


Postnatal support


Postnatal support is done on 1 hour (or more) session via Zoom. You can choose to have as many sessions as you want. I can provide support with feeding, crying, sleeping and some general emotional support during the transition to motherhood. I can support you in finding ways to adjust your expectations of motherhood and of yourself, in taking care of yourself physically and mentally, in positively supporting the changes in your relationships and in making informed decision for you and your baby using evidence-based information.

I will stay available for a follow-up call/ follow-up emails to ensure that all is well and I will provide you with a wide range of resources